The Value of Font

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Font Impact

The lettering font of any signage, business letter, résumé or email, is as significant as the words themselves. The mind sees the letters as images before it is able to decipher words. Try glancing, for a split second, at a page with a lot of text. Even before actually reading any of the material, the publisher’s notion is apparent.

The playful positioning of thick, rounded letters shows a large and lovable business theme above. The font on the tan banner hints of a vibrant cultural background.

Time and Fonts

The proper use of a font will directly correlate to the amount of time a reader is predicted to spend with the text, and even with the business. Simple fonts, with minimal detail in the lettering, insist there is factual information. A company that is quick to get down to business would benefit from this lettering. More artistic fonts with emphasized curves and added detail hints to readers they will invest more of their time in the business. Take a look.

Geography and Fonts

More relevant to signage and business logos, the perceptions of geography found within a font appeal to the imagination, generating more thought within the reader about the business. Notice the organic feel that exists within the text. Associated with it, comes the sense of a foreign forestry.

Readers react psychologically to the appearance of a text. Business owners design websites with a certain goal and audience in mind. The font of a business is used in large signs and banners that people will be drawn in to read. Consider the audience and the message that is being passed on, and choose the font accordingly.

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