Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Business Signs

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Custom signs are crucial for brand awareness and attracting new customers, but in a competitive marketplace with many different options for customers to choose from, it is essential that you avoid some common mistakes on your signage design to stay on top of the game and have attractive signs to stand out and overcome your competitors.

Mistakes to Avoid on Your Custom Signage Design

Incorrect Location

No matter how attractive your commercial sign is, if it is not placed in the right location, it may not be visible or hard to read which means that many passersby won´t even view your sign, and many business opportunities will be lost.

Incorrect Font Size and Colors

On average, passersby will only have a few seconds to view a sign, and if it doesn’t have the correct font size, it could be hard to read. Also, make sure to choose the right colors to make it attractive. Several studies have proven that colors have a direct impact on people´s psychology.

Overcrowding your Sign

As stated before, your potential customers will have only a short amount of time to view your business sign, so keeping it simple and not overcrowded will help them focus on what is essential, getting interested in your company´s products and services.

Lower Costs

Never sacrifice quality to lower costs. That is the worst mistake since, in the long run, you will end up paying more with low-quality signage that will not last as long.

Signage Solutions for Your Business in Colorado

Smart Signage Solutions for Your Business in Colorado  

During our time doing business, we have helped small, medium, and large size businesses in the Denver area, create brand awareness and advertise their products and services with high-quality signs made by professional designers with high-end technology and premium quality materials at very competitive prices.

We encourage you to browse our website and learn more about our signage company and contact us today so we can team up and combine your ideas and business needs with our skills and advertise with class and style.

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