Electronic Message Center (EMC) Signage; A Great Signage Option for Winter!

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Whether you are taking advantage of a shopping spree or just looking to improve or install a new reliable outdoor sign that can handle Colorado’s harsh winters, a digital or an EMC sign (Electronic Message Center) could be your best option in the market.

EMC Signage and digital signs have gained a lot of popularity over the last decade in Colorado and all over the world because they have become one of the most effective marketing tools you can provide for your business. They are extremely attractive, versatile, and long-lasting. They represent a sure bet when it comes to a reliable winter sign option.

Versatility and Uniqueness

EMC’s are made up of numerous LEDs personally controlled to display your desired message. They can come in single color displays like red and amber, or full-color RGB formats. That allows it to be visible during harsh winters, selecting the best colors and graphics that contrast with the surroundings.

With the correct selection of color, graphics, and messages, it is easy to advertise products and services to potential customers passing by. Best of all is that you can remotely control your EMC digital skins, messages, and colors. So, you can be sure your message will always be eye-catching.

Long Lasting

EMC and digital signs are built from the best and most resistant materials. This feature makes them reliable and resistant to any extreme weather condition. Because EMC’s ability to be controlled remotely makes it an excellent option as a public means of emergency announcements, providing an essential social benefit to public safety during extreme events and severe storms.

Electrical System

Another amazing feature of EMC and digital signs is that they are not only energy efficient, but also its electrical system is designed to prevent damages resulting from problems with downed power lines. That is great when facing extreme winter conditions or heavy storms. Besides, the heat generated by the digital signage system helps prevent condensation from forming inside the cabinet, avoiding powers disrupts.

Before selecting a digital sign or an EMC, it is essential to look into your business needs, and where you plan to install it. e3 Signs has the knowledge, expertise, passion, staff, and equipment required to suggest, design, install, and provide the best digital signage for this winter.

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