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How to install vinyl decals on skate decks:

  • Graphic Design:  Create graphics in Illustrator or PhotoShop or both see your local graphic designer.
  • Print and Laminate Wrap Decals:  Digitally print graphics on cast vinyl and laminate with cast material that will protect from UV.  Example: 3M IJ180Cv3 vinyl with 3M8599 laminate
  • Prep The Deck: To prep the deck you will wipe with a denatured alcohol, which cleans the dirt and oils from the deck surface. Then that preps the deck for the sign installation.
  • Wrapping the Deck: First, you align the sign graphic with the bottom of deck and secure decal with making tape to the deck. Then, you will hinge the sticker in the center of the deck.  After that, you will apply sign decal by hinging the center of the vinyl and removing backing paper.  Next, you will take your sign application squeegee and starting from the center, go outward using a heavy pressure on the squeegee.  Follow this motion up the board until the graphic is fully applied to the board surface.
  • The Deck Curve: This is the hardest part to wrapping the deck.  You will need a heat gun or torch to heat the vinyl and stretch around the curved areas.  The heat will allow the sign vinyl to find a new structural memory and hold the form.
  • Graphic Finish:  You can use any kind of clear coat including spray paint clear coat, a varnish clear coat, or an epoxy clear coat. Some good brands consist of West System Epoxy and Transtar Automotive Clear Coat. Both of these brands are very strong and trust worthy.
  • The Final Task: To trim the the graphic on the side using a razor knife.
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  • Pictures of some Pro Graphic Boards:
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