Things to Consider for a Cost-Effective Custom Sign

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Custom-made signs are vital for your business advertisement camping, but in a crowded marketplace, it is essential that you use the right elements and professional advice to get the most out of your custom signs, attracting new customers to your company. E3 Signs brings you some valuable information from our expert designers so you can design, manufacture and install cost-effective signage solutions, making a smart investment.

Important Elements for Your Business Sign Design

Colors & Font

The color and font you choose for your custom signs is essential, in a matter of fact, colors play a significant role in the passersby perception. Also, the font type should be easy to read, and its size is critical, depending on the distance between the sign and the viewers, whether the font size should be bigger or not. We strongly recommend that you hire a professional signage company like e3 Signs for your graphic design business needs.


As equally as the font size, your signage size should be determined depending on the distance between the passers-by and the location where the signage is placed. Always remember that your potential customers will only have a few seconds to view your sign so making it simple to read is a huge advantage.


Every business is unique and has its products, and services, so customizing your commercial signs depending on your targeted audience, will generate better results and help increase your business income by attracting them to buy from you.


The message you want to deliver on your signage should be simple. Avoid adding too much information to your sign, try to choose what is important.  

Commercial Signs in Colorado

Choose e3 Signs for Your Commercial Signs in Colorado

No matter if you have a small, medium, or large size business in Colorado, our highly qualified staff has all the experience, technology, and premium materials to design, manufacture, and install the most attractive signs for your business needs. We want to become your trusted graphic design shop whenever you need signage solutions for your company.

We encourage you to browse our website,  learn more about our custom signs and contact us today so we can get in touch and start working with you as a team to advertise your business smartly and cost-effectively.

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