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Remove Barriers with Effective ADA Signs

When starting a new business, it is essential to establish your brand through effective, original and cool wayfinding signs. It is also vital to comply with your local permits and regulations, including proper ADA sign installation. It is stated that more than 2.5 million Americans suffer from a visual impairment and other types of disabilities. ADA signage ensures accessibility for seniors, visually impaired, blind, and people with cognitive disabilities or psychiatric conditions, helping them to navigate buildings and communal space.

ADA Sign Design

Just like any commercial wayfinding signs, well-designed wayfinding signs should be able to display a message easy to understand. It is no different with ADA signs. While catching people's attention, customers and staff should be able to read and understand the message in the blink of an eye. Therefore, it should be readable, using high contrast colors, and brailed textures. It is recommended to use a sans serif typestyle, a non-glare finish, and adequate contrast between the background and character colors. 

Installing ADA Signs Correctly

Correct ADA sign installation is as important as the correct design. In contrast, to any commercial wayfinding signs, ADA signs should be mounted on the same visual plane, no matter its size or shape. The baseline should be installed between 48 inches at the lowest point to 60 inches at the highest point. 

When installing overhead, it is important to mount it at least 80 inches above the floor. This way the wayfinding signs won’t interfere with or block any door function, emergency equipment or sprinklers.

It is also recommended to mount ADA signs on walls, beside the latch side of the door. Having a tactile sign next to each door inside a stairwell is vital. These wayfinding signs should identify the floor level, stair level, and exit level. 

If you have any further questions regarding ADA signs, local codes or anything else related to wayfinding signs, contact e3 Signs today. Our Vision is to create exceptional wayfinding signs and graphics that are customized to be individually expressive and effective, creating a custom product for each customer. 

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