That’s a Wrap!

What is a vehicle wrap?

A wrap is a large vinyl decal. The vinyl is applied
directly over the paint of the vehicle. The application of the wrap allows you
to change the car’s appearance in a short period of time. A wrap does not cover
areas such as cracks, expansion joints and seams. The materials are designed for outdoor use.

What are the graphics that are placed
on the windows?

The material on the windows is printed window
perforation film, or ‘Window Perf’. Within the vinyl are tiny holes that allow passengers in the
vehicle to see through the adhesive side. Window graphics are laminated with a
clear laminate to protect the color from fading and keep dirt and water from reaching the perforation.

Can the graphics be removed?

The vehicle wrap material is manufactured with an adhesive designed to be removed from the paint with no damage.

How Long Does a Vehicle Wrap Last?

With proper care, a vinyl wrap will last four to five years
or longer depending on the climate and care. Perforated Window Vinyl lasts one to one and a half years.


At e3 Signs the only preparation work we ask of you is to properly clean the vehicle surface by giving it a wash
before bringing it in. A car wash is necessary to promote adhesion. A vehicle
wrap generates as many impressions as a billboard at a fraction of the price. Studies
by 3M, along with forum responses on websites such as and compare the effectiveness of vehicle wraps
to traditional advertising methods, and all have concluded that a wrap for
business vehicles is a solid investment. The option of partial or complete wrap
ensures we have something for every budget.

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