Technology and Retail, Digital Display Signage

Technology and Retail, Digital Display Signage

The shopping experience is distinguished
from other daily experiences by the physical testing of products by use of the
five senses, placing a value on an item, and turning to employees for accurate
information. If there is no need to physically test the product, items like
movies, CD’s, printers, etc. can be bought online beacuse customers know what
to expect. Technology is heading in the direction of appearing in stores
to mimic the feeling of wearing the product virtually, and making the
purchasing experience ridiculously simple.

Trying on clothing and accessories in a store consists of changing wardrobe and standing
in front of a mirror to see how great you look. Testing is an absolutely
important part of the buying process. Intel, a technology leader who makes
more than 70 percent of processors in today’s computers, is developing a
technology that simulates the body and how a fabric fits, without the customer
ever physically trying on something new; it is a virtual fitting room.

Three dimensional cameras, screens, and printers will shape the retail industry along
with smartphones that will help sales associates identify your needs based
on analytics and shopping trends. They may know what you need to purchase before you do!

Kevin Sterneckert, an analyst for
Gartner, who ‘offers world-class, objective insight on virtually any area of IT’,
believes “within ten years, retail will be unrecognizable”. The idea is that
anything can be bought from anywhere at any time, quickly. Stores which were
once packed with items may become test centers for a few specialty items.

Benefits of this ideal shopping
setting include the ease of accessibility to items we want, convenience in
payment method, and an easier way for retailers to know what costumers might want
based on purchase patterns. These services can be beneficial if used properly and minimally.
However, when conveniences begin to dull the experience of purchasing
an $1100 Television because the
transaction is so quick, that is when they become experiences eroding the joy
of obtaining brand new products we work to purchase.

A quicker shopping
experience, and virtual testing, can be valuable if used with a few items
throughout a retail center, but never should replace the satisfaction of
physically obtaining a product. Ideally, technology is here to make human life easier so that we can
explore greater things, and better ourselves with this saved time.

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