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Dynamic Digital Signs DSA, Basics

April 29th, 2013

Part I, The Basics of Dynamic Digital Signs: LED Electronic Message Center Signs and LCE digital signage. Here we are discussing the basics DSA LCD signs displays, players and software Basics: Hardware, Monitor, Player and Mounts. Software:  Arrange and Manage Content Connectivity: Manage remote, update immediate, can be hardwire or wifi. Content Design:  Need to […]

Technology and Retail, Digital Display Signage

August 23rd, 2012

Technology and Retail, Digital Display Signage The shopping experience is distinguished from other daily experiences by the physical testing of products by use of the five senses, placing a value on an item, and turning to employees for accurate information. If there is no need to physically test the product, items like movies, CD’s, printers, etc. can be […]