Custom Wraps for Custom Vehicles

March 10th, 2015 by admin

Wraps are not just for your typical car, van, or truck. Wraps make perfect additions to any custom vehicle to really tie in your brand. Advertising your special service is so much easier when you can do right on your vehicle. These wraps can be as simple as just a logo and phone number. Or you can make them as intricate as listing all your services and business explanation.  Anything is better than nothing and it is important to analyze where your vehicle will be seen the most. Is it on the road driving or is it in front of your customers homes. Either way it is important to make your vehicle stand out. We can help you do this with custom graphics and wraps. Our staff can make any vehicle fit with your brand and really make it a unique piece of equipment that you will be proud to drive. Advertising is a key to any business success and if your company uses a one of a kind vehicle than it should have one of a kind advertising to go with it. Call us for a quote today.










Trailer Graphics

January 20th, 2015 by admin

Many business’s need pull along trailers to haul various products for customers, job sites etc…  These although often bulky necessities can make great mobile billboards. Trailers often have more surface real estate than most vehicles pulling them. This is a prime location to have ones company logo, contact information or anything you want to convey to the masses. Adding original artwork and design can really make you stand out while driving down the road. With few things to contend with like you do with a vehicle such as hinges and door handles. Your graphic can be large and consistent without any breaks or seams.









Small or large if your pulling a trailer along the back of your company vehicle consider E3 for getting it branded today!

Monument and Entrance Sign

December 10th, 2014 by admin

Typically the first thing a customer sees when they visit your place of business is an entrance or monument sign. These signs have many different options when it comes to their overall design. Size, illumination, material and shape all play an important part in their creation. Entrance signs can be used to show the right direction as well as letting people know they have arrived to the right place. If your business is in a heavily populated area along with other businesses it is important to have something that stands out among the rest. This is especially important for receiving new business. Brand identity and consistency usually transfers into most entrance signs. If your business has a logo with an edgy appearance and bright colors than it is important also to mimic this aesthetic within your building signage. Residential planning and designers also use entrance signs to their advantage to distinguish their subdivisions and local parks






View our gallery to see more entrance and monument signs.Call to find out more!

Wall Cabinet Signs

November 3rd, 2014 by admin

Many businesses will choose a cabinet sign or variation of one for their building or locations primary sign. These signs are cost effective and can be customized to fit any customers creative vision and budget. Sometimes referred to as box signs with durability for both indoor and outdoor use, these are great options for any business. Typically back lit with LED bulbs a cabinet is constructed of various types of metal and plastic. These combine inside  a illuminated case “cabinet” that holds lighting and is topped with a plastic face. The faces can be interchangeable so as your company grows and changes your sign can as well. Custom graphics, color vinyl, or dimensional letters can be added to any sign to really set it apart from all the rest. Custom shapes and letter forms can be created to really keep within a companies brand and image. Let us help you create a custom cabinet sign today!

Chippers Lanes LaserTag









May 14th, 2013 by admin




Great for attracting car traffic

  • Indoor/outdoor double sided graphic flags
  • Floor base and ground stakes
  • Teardrop, feather, straight, wind dancer flags
  • Air flow matierial, silks, canvas
  • Sizes from 10 ft to 18 ft



Ease of use retract or roll up

  • Retractable floor and table top
  • Grand Opening
  • Special Promotion Day banners  eg:Senior Saturday Discounts
  • Trade show displays
  • Canvas, vinyl, perforated
  • Double sided
  • Any size

Rule of thumb: $8.00 per sq.ft.  for flags and banners



Hang out your shingle!

  • Digital Signs
  • Store front Signs
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Any size Signs
  • Newest medium
  • Customize for any budget


Mueller Banner







e3 Signs   6718 N. Franklin Ave. Loveland, CO 80538  970-685-4679  Custom Banner and Sign Shop.  Call us today for a free quote.


Dynamic Digital Signs DSA, Basics

April 29th, 2013 by admin

Part I, The Basics of Dynamic Digital Signs:

LED Electronic Message Center Signs and LCE digital signage.

Here we are discussing the basics DSA LCD signs displays, players and software


  • Hardware, Monitor, Player and Mounts.
  • Software:  Arrange and Manage Content
  • Connectivity: Manage remote, update immediate, can be hardwire or wifi.
  • Content Design:  Need to have great initial design and layout.  Content must be kept fresh.  This can be done with in house graphics department or 3rd party content manager.
  • Operations: Installation of System and maintenance, short and long term
  • Business:  ROI, Savings, Revenue

Common Applications:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Fast Food
  • Museum
  • Aquarium
  • Art Exhibits
  • Theaters
  • Buildings:  Lobbies, Board Rooms, Commercial Spaces
  • Medical:  Waiting rooms
  • Institutions:  Colleges, Universities, Government.  Directories, Information and Advertisement.

Basic Questions to determine type of system

  • Why go Digital?
  • What are the project goals?  Today, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years.  This will help determine the right software solution.
  • Who are the stake holders:  Marketing / IT.  Are they working together?
  • Who is creating and updating Content?
  • What content and how is it to be displayed?
  • Where is the best location of the Digital Signs?
  • Where is the player to be located?  Player integrated into or in close proximity to display monitor will save $$$.  Remote players and cables are expensive.
  • What training is required and who is the trainer?
  • How many signs in the future.

Commercial grade displays

  • Orientation: Portrait and landscape
  • Run time: 24/7 or 16/7.
  • Wider viewing angle
  • Robust frames and better glass.
  • Less image burn issues.
  • Run cooler, added fans.
  • Better Warranties:  3 years with better response team.  You will void the warranty of a consumer tV used in a commercial application.
  • Added Attributes:  extra brightness, touch screen capabilities, number and kinds of connectore (HDMI, VGA, RSS, DVI).


  • Outdoor
  • 4K digital signage:  Next level of high def. 4 times better.
  • Augmented Reality Technology:  Actual to virtual
  • Analytics Driven Signage
  • HTML5 for content:  Latest version of HTML website, future content integration easier.
  • Live Video
  • Tablet technology
  • Interactive digital signs
  • Automated/Intelligent retail and vending

Network Options

  • Stand alone:  direct to SD card
  • Local Area network
  • Simple file sharing, internet connected.
  • Cloud: requires a service contract.

Concludes Part I


Skateboard Decals and Install

March 11th, 2013 by admin
How to install vinyl decals on skate decks:

  • Graphic Design:  Create graphics in Illustrator or PhotoShop or both see your local graphic designer.
  • Print and Laminate Wrap Decals:  Digitally print graphics on cast vinyl and laminate with cast material that will protect from UV.  Example: 3M IJ180Cv3 vinyl with 3M8599 laminate
  • Prep The Deck: To prep the deck you will wipe with a denatured alcohol, which cleans the dirt and oils from the deck surface. Then that preps the deck for the sign installation.
  • Wrapping the Deck: First, you align the sign graphic with the bottom of deck and secure decal with making tape to the deck. Then, you will hinge the sticker in the center of the deck.  After that, you will apply sign decal by hinging the center of the vinyl and removing backing paper.  Next, you will take your sign application squeegee and starting from the center, go outward using a heavy pressure on the squeegee.  Follow this motion up the board until the graphic is fully applied to the board surface.
  • The Deck Curve: This is the hardest part to wrapping the deck.  You will need a heat gun or torch to heat the vinyl and stretch around the curved areas.  The heat will allow the sign vinyl to find a new structural memory and hold the form.
  • Graphic Finish:  You can use any kind of clear coat including spray paint clear coat, a varnish clear coat, or an epoxy clear coat. Some good brands consist of West System Epoxy and Transtar Automotive Clear Coat. Both of these brands are very strong and trust worthy.
  • The Final Task: To trim the the graphic on the side using a razor knife.
  • Every Body Reading this article we strongly appreciate it and have a nice day.
  • Pictures of some Pro Graphic Boards:
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Technology and Retail, Digital Display Signage

August 23rd, 2012 by admin

Technology and Retail, Digital Display Signage

The shopping experience is distinguished
from other daily experiences by the physical testing of products by use of the
five senses, placing a value on an item, and turning to employees for accurate
information. If there is no need to physically test the product, items like
movies, CD’s, printers, etc. can be bought online beacuse customers know what
to expect. Technology is heading in the direction of appearing in stores
to mimic the feeling of wearing the product virtually, and making the
purchasing experience ridiculously simple.

Trying on clothing and accessories in a store consists of changing wardrobe and standing
in front of a mirror to see how great you look. Testing is an absolutely
important part of the buying process. Intel, a technology leader who makes
more than 70 percent of processors in today’s computers, is developing a
technology that simulates the body and how a fabric fits, without the customer
ever physically trying on something new; it is a virtual fitting room.

Three dimensional cameras, screens, and printers will shape the retail industry along
with smartphones that will help sales associates identify your needs based
on analytics and shopping trends. They may know what you need to purchase before you do!

Kevin Sterneckert, an analyst for
Gartner, who ‘offers world-class, objective insight on virtually any area of IT’,
believes “within ten years, retail will be unrecognizable”. The idea is that
anything can be bought from anywhere at any time, quickly. Stores which were
once packed with items may become test centers for a few specialty items.

Benefits of this ideal shopping
setting include the ease of accessibility to items we want, convenience in
payment method, and an easier way for retailers to know what costumers might want
based on purchase patterns. These services can be beneficial if used properly and minimally.
However, when conveniences begin to dull the experience of purchasing
an $1100 Television because the
transaction is so quick, that is when they become experiences eroding the joy
of obtaining brand new products we work to purchase.

A quicker shopping
experience, and virtual testing, can be valuable if used with a few items
throughout a retail center, but never should replace the satisfaction of
physically obtaining a product. Ideally, technology is here to make human life easier so that we can
explore greater things, and better ourselves with this saved time.

ADA Signage

August 20th, 2012 by admin

If a sign identifies a permanent room of a facility, directs or informs about functional spaces of the facility, or identifies, directs, or informs about accessible features of the facility, it must comply with one or more of the ADA Guidelines. The sign standards in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines require much more than just braille and raised characters.


All signs must have non-glare backgrounds and characters. All signs that contain visual characters must have a high dark to light (or vice versa) contrast between characters and their background. The important issue is not color, but lightness and darkness. A sign with soft yellow letters on a gray background is fine, but a sign with red letters on a black background is not. Material can be brushed aluminum, corian, or acrylic.

Text Requirements

Letters and characters must be raised 1/32 inch minimum above their background

Height above Ground Minimum Viewing Distance Minimum Character Height
40-70 inches 6 feet 5/8 inch
70-120 inches 15 feet 2 inches
>120 inches <21 feet 3 inches
>120 inches >21 feet 3 inches plus 1/8 inch per foot






ADA signage is to be mounted on the wall 48 to 60 inches from the center of the sign to the finished floor when by a door. All ADA signage should be mounted on the wall adjacent to the latch side of a door. Never install the signage on doors. The sign for accessible parking spaces should have an installation height of 60 inches minimum. California requires 80 inches.


Tactile characters need to be accompanied by Grade II Braille. Braille dots need to have a domed or rounded shape. Braille should be located below the corresponding text. If text is multi-lined, Braille should be placed below entire text.

At e3 Signs, our expertise on the subject ensures that you meet the requirements set by the American Disability Act while the design of the signs matches the design scheme of your facility.

Examples of fine ADA Signage.


That’s a Wrap!

August 7th, 2012 by admin

What is a vehicle wrap?

A wrap is a large vinyl decal. The vinyl is applied
directly over the paint of the vehicle. The application of the wrap allows you
to change the car’s appearance in a short period of time. A wrap does not cover
areas such as cracks, expansion joints and seams. The materials are designed for outdoor use.

What are the graphics that are placed
on the windows?

The material on the windows is printed window
perforation film, or ‘Window Perf’. Within the vinyl are tiny holes that allow passengers in the
vehicle to see through the adhesive side. Window graphics are laminated with a
clear laminate to protect the color from fading and keep dirt and water from reaching the perforation.

Can the graphics be removed?

The vehicle wrap material is manufactured with an adhesive designed to be removed from the paint with no damage.

How Long Does a Vehicle Wrap Last?

With proper care, a vinyl wrap will last four to five years
or longer depending on the climate and care. Perforated Window Vinyl lasts one to one and a half years.


At e3 Signs the only preparation work we ask of you is to properly clean the vehicle surface by giving it a wash
before bringing it in. A car wash is necessary to promote adhesion. A vehicle
wrap generates as many impressions as a billboard at a fraction of the price. Studies
by 3M, along with forum responses on websites such as and compare the effectiveness of vehicle wraps
to traditional advertising methods, and all have concluded that a wrap for
business vehicles is a solid investment. The option of partial or complete wrap
ensures we have something for every budget.